How I Spent My Summer Vacation

In winter in the south on 12/01/2011 at 11:22

Let it snow ,let it snow , let it snow… Once again a rare event in Clifton TN with 4 inches of snow and freezing temperatures. I am Waiting again for a window to move farther south. I am 60 miles from Pickwick Lake. The temperature begins to rise around Tupelo which is 60 miles south of Pickwick. I am so close yet so far. Ten degrees in average temperature makes all the difference.

Here are some snow shots from Clifton Marina at mile marker 158.5 RDB TNR.     

1-10 clifton tn 003

1-10 clifton tn 004

1-10 clifton tn 011

1-10 clifton tn 020

clifton snowman 002

  1. For every 50 miles you traverse, the temperature will drop 10 degrees. Don’t stop until you get to the equator. It might be 70 there.


  2. So great to see you doing this Doc. I remember you talking about this way back in the day when Mark and I still lived in Vernon. Safe travels!


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