Yankee Monkey Flees

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AP 1/10/2010. Clifton TN

A Monkey from .” somewhere north was being sought for illegal transportation of weather across state lines early this morning. There was enough evidence for judge Seuss Grinch to issue a warrant for his arrest. The judge stated, “ look around this is a slam dunk case.” Up to four inches of snow hampered the search as the local police monitored surveillance cameras  and put out a description of the perpetrator. Chief Walter Disney described the “furry yank” as brown with black eyes about 8 inches tall.

The monkey calling himself Curious George was captured as he bogged down in snow up to his waist. He has no prior arrests and when asked for a statement he responded, “It was all the evil doctor, He made me come down here. it was him not me… it was him… Lord have mercy on our souls.”

The evil doctor could not be located for comment and has refused all calls. The monkey has been released on a two thousand dollar bond.

Below are pictures of this event.

monkey business 001

monkey spotted

monkey business 006

on the run

monkey business 004

we got him now

monkey business 005

captured without a struggle

monkey business 007

mug shot

  1. Poor babies! GREAT pictures, though.
    Questions of the day:
    Is the monkey’s name “Igor”?
    Where are you now?
    Is there any place near where you are that can make a decent Tom & Jerry? (My Rx for serious cases of “the chills.”)


  2. I always knew that monkey was a trouble maker!


  3. Nothing like winter in the south!


  4. Wait ’til next week. Better get yourself an ice-breaking escort.


  5. Evil Doctor:
    What can I say….”Monkey see, Monkey do” Well, it appears you are just a little north of the “Bama” line.

    All the best,


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