Left Pebble Isle

In Uncategorized on 08/01/2011 at 07:41

Left Pebble Isle on 1/6 Made about 30 miles to Cherokee bay. Nice night no wind. Today I made it to Clifton about 3:00pm. Wind was high and current was strong. The weather may get very bad in the next day or two.I am hoping it slides north an I can make the next 60 miles to Pickwick Lake. Still having trouble uploading video. Here are some pics from today. The first is sunrise  today, gotta like a good sunrise, and the second is leaving the Mouse-tail, a very narrow and high current area, very tricky with high wind today. The last shot is the old “ I have the river to myself” because I haven’t seen a boat in two days. I have seen more eagle nests than boats.

jan 6,7 021

jan 6,7 023

jan 6,7 009

  1. Awesome! Sorry about the bad winter you are experiencing, but those shots are ones we all wish we could wake up to.


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