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Subset on the Cumberland

View off Back Porch

  1. Great to see your face. You look a little spent and you smell like shit. Hopefully, the arctic blast will subside, and to can work on your tan. Keep on chuggin Doc. We miss you!


  2. Doc,

    Your trip looks like it’s been great so far…I hope the cold weather has been bearable. Keep the videos and pictures coming! Anyway, glad to see that you are doing well and (hopefully) enjoying your adventure! Will talk to you soon!

    Mikel Norris


  3. Good videos and pics….glad to see that you’re doing well and enjoying the trip!! Hope you haven’t run out of CC yet! With some of those tough, and windy days, I wouldn’t blame you if you had.

    Safe travels my friend!



    • going to town manna to get restocked. Socked up in a marina for the cold snap. been 15 degrees last two nights. Will update blog sat. bad cell reception for big downloads. Drink on son, drink on…

      Bradley J Schuller po box 1062 Mount Vernon, Ohio, 43050 740-397-9547


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