Wrong way to Louisville

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On Sunday the 21st I went below in the cabin to avoid an embarassing situation- hard to believe when your by yourself- and I got turned around and went back up the river for two miles before a chance call from Craig keaton saved my bacon. rest of day was good and got to Louisville about 3 pm. LOUISVILLE IS BEAUTIFUL along the river . Next day left to a clear calm day to go thru the locks at the falls of the Ohio. Wind picked up about 5 miles downriver. was supposed to be 15 mph but started gusting to 35-40. Had to emergency anchor in a small channel with a swift current and high winds. Rode it out for 24 hours and lost 2 anchors in the four foot seas. Great way to start the day. Took of the next day life a house afire and made fifty lies through the macalpine lock. That day was great 50 miles of wilderness and limestone cliffs. On 11/24 I moved on in 37 degree windy rainy weather until I found an anchorage at Sinking Creek that night I had to reset my one anchor twice once a 3 am when a 25 mile wind shot down the creek like a wind tunnel. Need more anchors. Made rocky point Marine at mile 719 in sight of carrolton damn. Will Stock up tommorow maybe at wall mart or the marine store here.

moon on the river

Downtown Loiusville

Belle of Louisville

middle of nowhere beautiful

more beautiful nowwhere

  1. Good to hear from you again!


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