virus crap

In Uncategorized on 17/11/2010 at 06:19

I noticed the most viewed blog message was the spam post for making more money. I guess that’s more interesting then the trip

  1. Hey Ben
    I met you in Hooters yesterday when you asked me for a lighter. I told you I would follow up with you because I think what you’re doing is spectacular and inspiring. In our short conversation, you showed me that when life hands you lemons, you get in your sailboat and head downriver to Alabama. Enjoy your voyage and I hope the sights (and the weather) get better for you as you go along. Have a safe trip doc! Godspeed!


  2. They are trying to help finance your trip. I’m following every day and haven’t once visited the alien links. Good to see you made it to The Queen City. Soon you can visit the river boats and say Hi to all my friends in Aurora and Rising Sun.


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