15 November, 2010 08:07

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just a short note and acouple of pics. On saturday I had to wait at the greenup lock for 3 hours to get thru. The main lock was down so they were splitting barges and I went thru with the Harry jacobson a towing boat about 100 feet long with plenty horse power. I had to wait in the lock for 25 min. while the down bound tugs put him back together for over 900 feet. He went back and forth in thbe locks and with his engine wash it was white water rafting in a sailboat. Today was windy all day coming out of the west I nmade forty mile into a stedy 15 mile wind. with gust to 20. Tommorow I hunt for gas. I am getting about 20 miles to the gallon but only carry about 8 now because number two tank has a bad fitting and I can not transfer gas. Will work on fitting in the am. Am up at 6 leave at sunrise and stop at sunset. With all the little things a full day in bed by 8. Going now have to savepower.

Bradley J Schuller
po box 1062 Mount Vernon, Ohio, 43050

  1. You’re making pretty good time, Doc! Too bad about the fuel can.


  2. Looks like you’ve had some really good weather so far. Miss our conversations! Hope you are getting the much needed mind rest! Hope to talk to you soon!


  3. Hey Doc
    Looks like all is well….who needs the little blue pills


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